Basic Long Arm Training Day 1
– Machine Basics, and Edge-to-Edge Quilting (Cost $150)
Instructor: Teryl McKnight 
During this day of class you will get to know your long arm quilting system. You will learn about batting, thread, needles, bobbins, bobbin cases, tension, timing, loading, and pantographs. You will quilt your own small quilt top (baby or lap size only) using a pantogragh for edge-to-edge quilting.

Basic Long Arm Training Day 2
– Custom Quilting and Machine Maintenance (Cost $150)
Instructor: Teryl McKnight. We will be learning how to place patterns into blocks, triangles, sashing, and borders. We will be using the laser stylus from the front of the machine and on the back of the machine. We will learn how to do continuous borders around the quilt. You will be provide a package of pantograph patterns for this class and it is yours to keep. You will also using the channel locks and rulers. Your finished project will be a 36″x36″ whole cloth wall hanging.

Basic Long Arm Training Day 3
– Basic Free Hand Techniques, template work, Stitch-in-the-ditch, and adjusting machine tension. (Cost $150)
Instructor: Teryl McKnight
We will be learning and practicing approximately 15 different free hand patterns including stitch in the ditch. We will be using about six different types of thread and practicing tension adjustment. This class is set up to also make a thread sampler for your future reference. We will use templates, rulers, micro-stitch handle bars, channel locks, and more.

More Basic Free Hand Training
– Optional Day 4 (Cost $150)
Instructor: Cory Allender
Ready for more? Ready to learn from another Long Arm’er? Make the most of your trip to Let’s Quilt by adding Day 4. In this class you will learn some additional free hand technics including: Over the Top Feathers, Cross Hatching, Stencil work, Flowers, and Continuous Line Fillers. Come stay for one more day.

Anything But Feathers.
Instructor – Marilyn Badger (Cost $160)
While feathers are beautiful and have been a part of quilting forever, there are many other designs that are fabulous and provide wonderful texture to your work. In this class you will draw and stitch many background designs, as well as designs for sashings and unique areas of the quilt where block patterns do not work. NONE of these designs will have feathers anywhere in them! Bring your cameras for the trunk show at the end of class and pencils and paper for drawing. We supply the fabric, batting, and thread. You will leave with a class sampler of your quilting.

Rulers 101 on the Long Arm.
Instructor – Cory Allender (Cost $150)
Finally a ruler class for Long Armers. Cory, an national award winning Long Arm’er will teach you the following and more.
  • How to hold rulers and keep them from sliding,
  • What ruler sizes and markings work the best,
  • Some great border and block patterns using rulers,
  • How to mark a quilt and more.
You bring a 36”x44” whole cloth top (not muslin) with batting and backing. We supply the thread. You leave with a spiral bound handout and a great sample piece and some great new friends.
(Kit Available at Let’s Quilt)

Rulers 102 on the Long Arm.
Instructor – Cory Allender (Cost $150)
This class is a continuation of Rulers 101. We will go beyond the straight edge and use curved rulers and templates. You will learn the following and more.
  • How to use circle, curved and specialty rulers,
  • How to do curved cross hatching,
  • Some great border and block designs using curved rulers,
  • How to combine ruler work with your free hand designs.
You bring a 36”x44” whole cloth top (not muslin) with batting and backing. We supply the thread. You will leave with a spiral bound handout and a great sample piece. (Kit Available at Let’s Quilt)

Wearable Thread Art.
Instructor – Marilyn Badger (Cost $150 + kit)
In this amazing class Marilyn will teaching how to make a fabulous garment out fo thread. You choose a Thread Duster, Pancho, or Scarf to make. This is a great class for beginners as well as advanced students. This class is a great place to start with long-arm operation. For the advanced quilter it is a fun and creative method for long-arming. You will stitch layers of water soluble stabilizer with silk fibers sandwiched in between. Marilyn will be displaying some of her beautiful garments and teaching us how she made them. You pick your kit. You are welcome to add any fibers or pieces from home. You can pick a thread form Let’s Quilt open stock or buy a specialty thread from our vast selection. Come relax, renew, build friendships, and enjoy!!