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Teryl Loy Enterprises is family-owned and operated in St George, UT.   We bring you our own line of Quilting Templates, 108" wide Quilt Backs, Thread, and more.   We are here to bring to you the quilting tools and supplies that help make your quilting easier and more enjoyable.  Let's Quilt some quilts together and have some fun.  

Bio for Teryl McKnight:
I am a Nuclear Engineer by degree but a Textile Fanatic by passion. I started sewing as a young girl but got sidetracked in the Nuclear Power Industry for 25 years. I retired from the corporate world in 2004 and starting longarm quilting full time on my new Gammill. My husband, John, joined me after getting hooked on the longarm. From there we played our way through an amazing quilting journey. We quilted for others and helped our local quilting friends with their longarms. Before we knew it we were selling Gammill longarms for the Electric Quilt Company. Four years later we switched to the Innova Longarms and opened “Let’s Quilt”, a Longarm Training Center in St. George Utah. We sold, delivered, trained, and maintained longarms across Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California. It was exhilarating and exhausting. We met and trained Quilters from across the Country, Europe, and Canada. We are honored to now have quilting friends throughout this country and the globe. We shut down “Let’s Quilt” in early 2014 when John lost his health. John left for his eternal life in 2015. My quilting journey continues, but I do miss the color John brought to my quilts. 

While conducting training on the longarms, I realized how much easier template work would be if the templates were thicker. This started our line of 3/8” thick Quilting Templates in 2010. I believe we were the first 3/8” thick templates on the market. Not all longarms could use a 3/8” template, but on the machines that could template work became easier and more fun. We continued to grow our template line coming up with new designs and improving on the traditional ones. It wasn’t long before our Customers who could only use the ¼” templates were asking for our designs. We started offering ¼” thick templates too. I now have over 70 different templates in both ¼” and 3/8” thickness available through Teryl Loy Enterprises (www.terylloy.com). In 2016 it was very exciting to see the new Ruler Feet being made for our sewing machines. These new Ruler Feet make it possible for all quilters to use templates; longarms, midarms, and sewing machines. My list of Quilting Friends is rapidly growing.  

My favorite part of being a Vendor at a Quilt Show is demo’ing the templates. I enjoy working with new Quilters, and launching them into the world of templates. I enjoy sparking ideas with the veteran Quilters and seeing what they come up with.. I enjoy all the questions and just getting to know more Quilters. This told me it is time I get back into the classroom. Quilting is about having fun. A big part of my fun is meeting and helping Quilters. I hate to see Quilters struggling with techniques, machines, or tools. We all quilt for the joy of it. So Let’s Quilt together and learn from each other.